The convenience of cash combined with the security of a card

NuCard provides a merchant with the security and convenience of loading a credit value onto an electronic card for an end customer. This allows the customer to use the monetary value on the card for any payments they want to make, whether it be withdrawals at an ATM or swiping for a transaction on any MasterCard POS pay point.

Product benefits & features:

  • Web-based solution
  • Tap & Go
  • PIN based
  • Affiliated with MasterCard
  • Full audit trails
  • Profile reporting
  • Easy top-ups to reload your customer’s NuCard
  • Reduce the risk of having cash on the premises
  • Payments are secure with PIN required for each transaction
  • Affordable transaction fees
  • Easy to use with web-based solution
  • Safe and secure EMV card
  • Simple top-up to reload credit on the card
  • Can be used at any MasterCard POS machine nationwide
  • No debit orders can be loaded against the card

     NuPay has issued over 2 million NuCards, assisting with financial inclusion!


    We have a dedicated team waiting to assist you in any debit order, transaction switching, payment terminal hardware, loan management and card personalisation solution that your business requires.