Wen Finance

Jul 28, 2023 | Customer Success Stories


Overcoming load shedding and connectivity with Delter’s innovative solutions.

Introduction & Objectives

Altron FinTech has served Wen Finance as a customer for almost 20 years. Wen Finance primarily serves the Chinese lending market, ensuring financial inclusion without the associated linguistic barrier through the help of Altron FinTech. The owner of Wen Finance, which operates in the microfinance sector, was conscious of the changes in the FinTech sector and the need for the company to adapt as times changed. They realized they would need to adjust to a changing environment if they wanted to remain ahead of the competition and follow newly enacted, stricter laws. After looking into loan management software, they made the decision to contact Delter, which is now a component of Altron FinTech, for help with the system.

Challenges & Results

Load shedding and connectivity are two of the major issues Wen Finance encounter in their locations throughout South Africa. Many companies find it difficult to connect and provide loans while there is load shedding, but doing so is crucial to maintaining their operations. Loadshedding has had a profound impact on them. Along with loadshedding, compliance is a big component for Wen Finance, they need to always ensure that they are providing their customers with compliant, safe and secure loans when lending. 
Wen Finance hopes to integrate the recently released Kwik Kadima solution soon to address their loadshedding problems and allow their agents to continue operating even when the power is out. They will be able to uphold the high standards they have set for themselves and retain their competitive edge in the market if this solution is made available in their branches. While working with Altron FinTech, Wen Finance now has the assurance that all of its systems and procedures are completely compliant, and its customers benefit from having a secure debit order solution that meets their requirements.

Background & Solution

Wen Finance has evolved and changed the way they operate as a result of the continuously expanding lending industry during their extensive involvement in the microfinance sector.  They continuously strive to promote financial inclusion among the general public and have branches all over South Africa. Over the years, by collaborating with Altron FinTech, they have developed a reliable and positive connection with their customers, utilizing Altron FinTech’s platforms and solutions to offer them quick, secure, and safe loans and payment choices.
They deployed Delter’s loan management solution, which enabled them to handle their loans more effectively and remain compliant thanks to the loan management system that was implemented. They offer their customers loan payment options through DebiCheck, which is secure, dependable, and simple to use, in addition to the loan management software. Although they have offices all over the country, including their head office in Johannesburg, they believe that Altron FinTech’s solutions and top-notch customer service has given them the chance to grow their company. When asked if they would recommend Altron FinTech and the solutions to other companies, they answered emphatically in the affirmative. 

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