Our History

One of the most significant advantages of the FinTech journey is that customers now have access to end-to-end solutions rather than stand-alone software solutions and hardware devices.


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Altron FinTech’s Foundation

is built on four lines of business that converged over time and as technology advanced formed a dynamic integrated, innovative, and successful business.

The history of Altron FinTech’s ACS LoB goes back to 1993, when a small project team of three people were tasked with examining the viability of promoting and importing a variety of EFTPOS devices made by Schlumberger, a French company with a focus on measuring instruments and close ties to Gemplus, a manufacturer of smart cards. The company’s goal was to establish itself as a significant supplier in the POS and smart card market segments.

Our NuPay LoB relationship with Absa began around 1998, in order to get Absa ready for the year 2000.

Our Story

Over the Years


Altron FinTech goes live with DebiCheck

Still based on the original NuPay Classic transaction, DebiCheck goes live in November in the payment environment space.

Delter was acquired

Delter was acquired by Altron in 2015 and fully integrated into the divisions’ product offerings.


NuPay was acquired

Altron acquires the management stake of NuPay and was now an Altron company.
NuCard is launched
NuPay launches NuCard into the market to combat the rising risk of handling cash in the microfinance industry, and the success of NuCard becomes a MasterCard case study.
First in biometrics in CMS
Delter were the first service provider to venture in biometrics and in 2009 launched our first biometric solution.

The EDO payment stream

In 2006, a new payment stream based on the NuPay Classic transaction went live. NuPay played an important role in the development of the EDO payment stream.

NuPay was the largest debit order supplier
By 2005 NuPay was the largest debit order supplier to the Micro Finance industry and new clients joined the NuPay family almost daily.
ACS Transaction Switching
In 2002, ACS also acquired a small team of people that were providing financial transactions switching services to mostly Truworths, which gave rise to our ITS team.
Founded Delter
During 2002 the Delter LoB was founded after identifying a gap in the market for creditors management.
Africard was acquired
Africard was acquired from Shave & Gibson and NamITech from NamPak in the early 2000’s that would enable us to provide a card personalization and issuance bureau service.
NuPay Classic Product
The NuPay Classic product was launched and deployed on the 14th November 1999. During this time, in our ACS LoB we came to the conclusion that we needed to offer a wider range of products than just POS hardware, so we started talking to Datacard, now Entrust, an American company that is arguably the best manufacturer of card personalization and issuance equipment in the world, and eventually signed a distribution agreement with them.
ACS is formed

ACS is formed and starts importing EFTPOS devices from Schlumberger.