Kwik Kadima is a handy mobile extension for WebFin, our credit management solution. This mobile app, which is run entirely on an Android tablet, enables credit providers to process credit applications while they are on the move for customers in remote locations. This simplifies the credit application process for both the customer and the credit provider’s agent.

Do you want to sign up new loan applications on the move?

Kwik Kadima has a simplified process to allow the user to quickly and seamlessly manage customers and issue new loans.

The KwikKadima is intuitive and simple to use mobile loan application portal. To begin the loan issuing process, Kwik Kadima allows you to simply add a new customer or select an existing customer.

Important functions include:


Credit Checks

Limit Reports

Already approved loans waiting for pay-out

Other features in KwikKadima allow you to view the customer’s profile with the following information:

View current loans

View and add documents


Perform credit checks

Perform an affordability check

Take a picture of the customer

The affordability is in accordance with the NCR’s affordability amendment act, which makes provisions for the customers’ income and living expenses.

The simple and easy-to-use app is intended to streamline credit applications. The loan agent can complete the requested capital, loan term, payment date, and repayment method, which is currently a DebiCheck TT1 transaction which is an authenticated and secure debit order platform.

Kwik Kadima is designed to allow agents to sign up a customer right away, with a simple guide and easy vetting processes to get applications approved, and to disburse funds. KwikKadima It is quickly becoming the go-to app for quick and easy credit applications in the field without brick-and-mortar offices.

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