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We take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions

We take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer service to companies and individuals in order to help them reach their financial goals. Our success stories demonstrate the positive effects of our FinTech services on a wide range of customers around the world. Every success story, in our opinion at Altron FinTech, begins with personalised solutions catered to specific financial requirements. We think it’s important to share the motivating customer stories of how FinTech is influencing a better financial future so that you can see the positive effects that may be had on your company when FinTech obstacles are made simpler. Join us now, and let’s start your business off on the path to a FinTech future!

What Our Customers Think

Zikalala Financial Solutions

“Ensuring business credibility in the township market with Altron FinTech’s DebiCheck solution.”

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Marais Viljoen High School

“Successfully collecting school fees and increasing cash flow with Altron FinTech’s DebiCheck solution.”

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Wen Finance

“Overcoming load shedding and connectivity with Delter’s innovative solutions.”

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Ntshotolle Cash Loans

“Mitigating the risk of carrying cash and reducing costs with Altron FinTech’s NuCard solution.”

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What Our Other Customers Think

Hermann Hafenscher

We have always had a very personal relationship with the full supply chain in the business and are allowed the freedom to communicate with the people in ACS without red-tape in order to resolve matters as fast as possible. We appreciate the professional and courteous way they support and assist us in all aspects of our business with ACS. This applies to the full team, starting from the “doorman”, “store man”, “tea lady”, accounts, sales and chief.

Leonard Shenker

Excellent customer service received to date. We are a very happy customer and enjoy our engagement with NuPay Field Services.

Gillian Mead

We developed a great partnership with Altron and their dedication to our business needs is evident in all aspect of the bespoke solutions they innovate for us. We appreciate their proactive approach in terms of developing and/or suggesting products and solutions we can implement in our own growth efforts.

Sharon Johnstone

Excellent assistance with onsite training and support. Saved us from losing a long-standing client to a competitor and TeamViewer telephonic support with clients who are far away.

John Koller

Generally good and very professional service. They deliver on what they promise.

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