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Our solutions include debit order processing, payment and switching services, card personalisation and issuance, credit management software as well as debit and credit card payment solutions. In addition to this we also provide person-to-person payments and value-added services to the consumer market.

Altron FinTech Household Financial Resilience Index (AFHRI)

Altron FinTech Household Resilience Index (AFHRI) Quarter 2 2023 shows squeeze on household finances

DebiCheck for Micro-finance

Level up your micro-finance game with DebiCheck. Ensuring your cash flow stays lekker smooth, while you focus on those big business moves.

Our inverters keep your business open!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ensure your business has zero downtime during load-shedding!

Multi-acquiring Bank Solution

Experience uninterrupted transactions and reliable risk management with Altron FinTech’s Multi-Acquiring Bank Solutions.

Our Brand Promise

Our Technology impacts lives with our people behind it.

Our Vision

Be the leading technology solutions provider.

Our Purpose

Delivering innovation that matters.

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Our Values

Our passion for our people, our customers, partners and communities as well as our drive to innovate sets us apart. The Altron FinTech ACS brand promise – Our technology impacts lives with our people behind it are more than just words to us, it’s a way of life. We strive to uphold our values in everything we do and with everyone we interact with.

Openness, honesty and integrity

Collaborate across teams

Embrace diversity and inclusion

Get things done and enjoy doing them

Passionate about customers, partners, employees and communities

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We have a dedicated team waiting to assist you in any debit order, transaction switching, payment terminal hardware, loan management and card personalisation solution that your business requires.