The convenience of cash with the security of a card.


Instant and financial issuance self-service kiosk

Get your loyalty, access control and financial cards instantly in the hands of your customers with the new self-service kiosk.


Payment Terminal Hardware

Accept any payment token from any payment device via any acquiring back within South Africa.


Loan Management Software you can trust

Our loan management software can be used in any size of micro lending business, from small, single offices to big groups, even in banks.


Altron FinTech

Altron FinTech prides itself on constantly researching, developing, and utilising technology to allow our customers to focus on their core business. Our portfolio of solutions include: debit order processing, payment and switching services, card personalisation and issuance, credit management software as well as debit and credit card payment solutions. We also provide solutions to the consumer market for person-to-person payments and value-added services.

Altron FinTech Short-term Credit Impact (AFSCI)

The AFSCI Index tracks the economic impact of short-term lending in South Africa, with a view to assisting credit providers in the critical micro-finance sector in their assessment of risk and credit extension, and in building a deeper understanding of the role that this form of credit plays in the South African economy and society.

The AFSCI Index has been developed on behalf of Altron FinTech by Keith Lockwood, an independent economic consultant and adjunct faculty member of the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Altron Fintech Household Financial Resilience Index (AFHRI)

The purpose of the AFHRI index is to assess the state of micro-lending in South Africa from the perspective of the ability of borrowers to repay their loans. The data provides more clarity on the financial disposition of households and their ability to cope with debt. Please join Altron Fintech’s MD, Mr Johan Gellatly, and Dr Roelof Botha, economic advisor to the Optimum Investment Group, who developed the AFHRI on behalf of Altron Fintech for the Q2 results.


Altron FinTech Brands

Transaction switching, payment terminal hardware as well as card personalisation and issuance for big retail or the financial sector.
Loan management software for any size micro finance business.
Electronic debit order solutions including DebiCheck as well as debit and credit card payment solutions.
Card acceptance payment device for small to medium size businesses.
The Fintech Field Services team provides cost effective field support to any business type

What Makes Us Different

Altron FinTech offers high quality solutions driven by innovative technology assisting businesses to thrive and grow. We pride ourselves on our “always on” PCI-DSS compliance.


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Total of businesses using our solutions


Annual Credit Searches


We have a dedicated team waiting to assist you in any debit order, transaction switching, payment terminal hardware, loan management and card personalization solution that your business requires.

Quick Access to Our Resources

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    From the top left Edwin Ngwenya, middle Ayesha Hoosen; bottom Rochelle Findlay; top right Tsepo Chochoe; middle our visitor Nate Johnson from the Altron FinTech Medical Team and bottom Johan Gertenbach. Altron FinTech have restructured their sales teams to meet the changing needs of the various market segments and customers. We sat down with Johan Gertenbach, Senior Manager: Business Development, that looks after this team to get a sense of what they do, why this team was formed, and how they see the future.