Card Payment Solutions

Payment and point-of-sale solutions that innovate and simplify your business.

Altron FinTech’s point-of-sale solution makes it simple for your business to accept payments. We are a PCI-DSS certified transaction service provider, ensuring that all transactions are secure and compliant.

Our solutions can handle debit and credit cards, including chip and pin cards, magnetic stripe cards, and contactless cards.  They are simple to setup for any retail setting or company’s where debit and credit solutions are applicable and versatile in its use, accepting Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Diners Club cards.

Benefits & product features:

  • Give your customers the convenience of paying at the till or anywhere in your store with either a fixed (desktop) device or a mobile device.
  • Easy reconciliations on our website.
  • An Account Manager to assist you with your business needs.
  • Safety by reducing cash on the premises
  • Free device training 
  • Integrated partners with point-of-sale hardware and software solutions.
  • For any assistance, we have a dedicated contact center and technical department.

Fixed and mobile terminals are available to accommodate all your business needs.


We have a dedicated team waiting to assist you in any debit order, transaction switching, payment terminal hardware, loan management and card personalisation solution that your business requires.