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Safe, secure, and trusted FinTech solutions to meet your business needs

Our PCI & P2PE certified terminals offers cutting-edge technology within the payment industry and an “always on” transaction switching environment. We also provide several markets with a world class card personalisation solutions via our high-quality card issuance products.

Our “always on” PCI-DSS certified hosted transaction processing infrastructure enables us to provide our customer base with secure managed electronic payment and collection solutions. In addition to this we also offer proven business solutions to process DebiCheck transactions.

The core focus of our credit management solutions is to provide our customers with market-leading client management systems. One of the key benefits of our credit management software is that it can be used in any microfinance business, no matter the size.

The WiFi and GSM-enabled NuPayGO device allows you to process debit and credit card transactions using a smartphone app.

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We have a dedicated team waiting to assist you in any debit order, transaction switching, payment terminal hardware, loan management and card personalisation solution that your business requires.