Mandela Day – 2023

Altron FinTech’s Heartwarming Mandela Day Gesture: Bringing Joy to SPCA Alberton and Abraham Kriel Children’s Home

Altron FinTech started a warm-hearted campaign to make a difference on Mandela Day in a lovely display of community solidarity. We planned a visit to the SPCA Alberton and the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home as part of our commitment to give back to the community, and we gave to these two priceless organisations that are working to improve their local communities.

On Mandela Day, the world pays tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela, the iconic leader who devoted his life to fostering equality, social justice, and compassion. This day serves as a reminder that even small acts of kindness and charity can have a profound impact on the lives of others.

Our FinTech team set out with enthusiasm to deliver happiness and support to the animal friends at SPCA Alberton, motivated by Mandela’s vision. We provided the SPCA with necessary pet supplies so they could better care for the furry residents. Our Altronians spent some time with the animals and assisted the hardworking staff who work nonstop to safeguard and rehome abused or abandoned animals.

The giving continued after that. The Altron FinTech team then travelled to the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home, an establishment dedicated to giving vulnerable kids love, care, and education, after our excursion to the SPCA. We visited the Abraham Kriel campus and chatted with the outstanding staff members who are working tirelessly to provide the children with the best possible lives. We wanted to make the kids a little bit happier and establish a meaningful connection between Altron FinTech and the kids of Abraham Kriel.

Altron FinTech wants to show that corporate social responsibility extends beyond merely making financial contributions by participating in Mandela Day. We intend to emphasise the value of interpersonal relationships and the positive effects of sincere care and attention on those in need by taking the time to visit and actively interact with those who are trying to better the community.

The staff at Altron FinTech were also positively affected by the visit in addition to making those who received it happy. Our Altroninans were reminded of the value of giving back and the relevance of having a positive impact on their community by the tenacity of the human spirit and the dedication of the employees at both institutions.


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