We recently sat down with Johan Gellatly, Managing Director at Altron FinTech. Johan's dedication to placing our customers at the pinnacle of exceptional customer experience is commendable. In our conversation, he delved into the significance of this campaign and its role in elevating the customer experience with Altron FinTech solutions.

Background to the Inverter Solution

Customer experience and simplified business continuity is what Altron FinTech strives to achieve with all our initiatives. We hear our customers and see their business pain points and innovate our solutions to be always-on business continuity driven. In a world where financial operations can’t afford a pause, our latest campaign focuses on keeping our customers’ business running during those long loadshedding hours during business hours. Our commitment to always-on business continuity is unwavering, and we’ve tailored our technology to directly address the pressing challenges our customers face. Our primary goal? To eliminate disruptions, empower our customers operations, and enhance the overall experience they have with us. At Altron FinTech, we’re not just providing solutions; we’re reshaping and simplifying the future of uninterrupted financial transaction processing.

Media Release

What inspired you to develop the idea for this inverter campaign focused on uninterrupted power supply for businesses?

We started off with this campaign because we assessed our customers’ ability to conduct their business when there is loadshedding during business hours and we did an analysis on how much business they stand to lose due to loadshedding during business hours. We were surprised at how many customers are actually struggling with loadshedding challenges and how much of an effect it is having on their business commercially and keeping their doors open. Our solutions are power and computer driven solutions, so if our customers are unable to connect to the internet and powered up their devices they can’t operate. Having a powered up and resilient EFTPOS system is a little easier, because we can give them an extra battery, our other solutions proved to be a little more reliant on a consistent supply of electricity to run. We set some criteria for ourselves and asked ourselves what this kind of solution would look like, as we didn’t want a solution that would prove to be business intrusive and difficult for the customers to set-up, manage or install and of course the most important challenge is always cost. We wanted to offer a loadshedding solution that was both cost effective, easy to install and operate and efficient for our customers and that is how we came about with our non-intrusive business inverter solution.

What pain point are we trying to solve by offering this solution?

First, of course we wanted to keep our customers doors open and them transacting during loadshedding business hours. The unintended use cases that emanated for this solution are rife, because the inverter is small and mobile it can easily be moved from location to location without any hassle. It’s simple non-intrusive plug and play process makes it one of the easiest answers to the loadshedding problems that all our customers face on a daily basis. Hopefully our customers utilize this inverter solution in varied ways, as long as it gives them business continuity during load shedding.

In what ways do you believe the implementation of our inverter can positively impact our customers businesses in terms of productivity and overall success?
We want to provide solutions that are always at the forefront of solving unforeseen speed bumps along the way for our customers and ensure that they have a true partner experience when working with us. This inverter is able to recharge in the shortest amount of time possible which means the various loadshedding schedules during business hours won’t affect the battery life of the inverter as long as it is charged between downtimes. The charge time is only 90 minutes and can provide backup power during a 4 hour down time session of loadshedding. The positive impact of this solution is that our customers are now not dependant on other factors in order to focus on their business. They now have control over their power supply destiny. Having this inverter solution also sets our customers apart from their competition, if they can keep their doors open during business hours loadshedding while their competitors might not be able to do so, they would have more feet through their doors and support the growth of their business.
Where would we like to see this campaign take us as Altron FinTech?

Customers experience is one of Altron FinTech’s values. What we want to be known for in the market is that we are there for our customers. We want to be known for having our customers backs when in need. Our number one priority is to move with the times and continue to innovate by creating solutions that drive business continuity and growth no matter the uncontrollable challenges that we might face. If you take what we did for our customers during the Covid-19 period, where we made a concerted effort to keep our customers’ businesses running by offering alternative payment plans and reduction in fees. In essence we want our customers to count on us and be there for them when it matters, and this is just one of those campaigns. We offer various solutions that fit this mould, for example, our customers now have freedom of choice where to conduct their business via multiple sponsor banks and have the peace of mind that as long as their doors are open and they have power, they can transact. We also offer our customers business support bridging finance should it be required and added funeral and credit life products to the existing portfolio. We can’t fix Eskom as Altron FinTech but what we can do is aid our customers and make available solutions that can allow them business continuity when Eskom lets them down.

In conclusion, Altron FinTech’s unwavering commitment to strive to provide an exceptional customer experience supported by our obsessive drive to craft resilient business solutions shines through in every facet of our business. With a deep understanding of our customers’ pain points, we relentlessly innovate solutions that directly address their needs, exemplifying our dedication to strive for seamless operations. In a landscape where it is required to have the ability to process uninterrupted financial transactions are paramount, our latest campaign, centered around providing uninterrupted power during loadshedding hours, is a testament to our customer-centric approach.

Johan Gellatly, Managing Director at Altron FinTech, embodies this ethos, driving the pursuit of unparalleled customer satisfaction. The inception of the inverter campaign stemmed from a profound customer need and a plea for assistance to mitigate the challenges posed by loadshedding, allowing their businesses to thrive without pause. By eliminating power disruptions, we empower our customers to navigate these obstacles and craft their success stories.

Through the introduction of the inverter solution, we tackle the pressing pain point of power interruptions head-on. This innovative solution not only ensures operational continuity but also offers our customers the freedom of mobility and simplicity in implementation. This transformative solution uplifts our customers’ productivity, enabling them to maintain their business operations unencumbered.

Looking ahead, Altron FinTech envisions this campaign as a testament to our unwavering support and partnership with our customers. Our aspiration is to be recognized as their go-to partner for business continuity and growth, a partner that stands by its customers in times of dire need. This product addition symbolizes our readiness to innovate and adapt to our unique regional challenges.

In a market flooded with fintech solutions, Altron FinTech’s distinctiveness lies in our tailored customer solution approach. Our solutions are designed to cater specifically to the challenges faced in SADEC, ensuring that our customers receive support that is unmatched elsewhere. As we move forward, our focus remains fixed on redefining the landscape of always-on uninterrupted financial operations. Altron FinTech isn’t just shaping solutions; we’re sculpting a future where always-on uninterrupted transaction processing paves the way to assist our customers to strive for unparalleled growth and success.

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