Debit Order Solutions

With NuPay’s Debicheck, debit order security has never been easier.

DebiCheck is a debit order platform that requires all debit orders to be authenticated by the consumer against their bank account. These authentications can only be performed by the consumer, who must agree to the merchant’s mandate through online banking, USSD authentication, or an instore terminal. The authentication is either in real time as well as delayed and can be done face to face or remotely. DebiCheck comes with full reporting functionality, as well as round-the-clock monitoring on responses from the banks, skilled technicians on-call and dedicated account managers.

Product benefits & features:

  • Increased collections
  • Consumer safety
  • Full website reporting
  • Multiple transaction types
  • Portal terminal and web-based solutions
  • Authenticated mandates & less disputes

With a steady stream of monthly debit orders, DebiCheck helps to regulate your business’s cash flow. There are a variety of terminals available to meet your company’s needs, including mobile and contactless terminals. You benefit from increased collection rates thanks to simple online reporting and transaction maintenance. You get a dedicated Account Manager with NuPay’s DebiCheck, and we operate nationwide. Use NuPay’s secure DebiCheck platform to ensure that your monthly debit orders are collected on time!

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