Marais Viljoen High School

Jul 28, 2023 | Customer Success Stories


Successfully collecting school fees and increasing cash flow with Altron FinTech’s DebiCheck solution.

Introduction & Objectives

Marais Viljoen is a high school based in Alberton. Like most schools, they were faced with the challenge of collecting school fees in a timely fashion. Projects to maintain and improve the school environment are heavily reliant on these fees being collected. They needed a solution that ensured that fees were collected on time and provided parents with a safe, flexible solution to allow payment arrangements when necessary. Being based in Alberton, Marais Viljoen was aware of NuPay, now Altron FinTech, and the debit order solution they initially developed for the microfinance industry. 

Challenges & Results

The biggest challenge for Marais Viljoen High school was the collection of school fees on a monthly basis. This is an issue faced by most educational institutions. Their monthly cashflow was not steady as parents were able to cancel debit orders or stop them during certain periods without notifying the school and this caused a disruption in the cashflow and the finances within the school.
In order to solve this issue, they began offering DebiCheck as an authenticated safe and secure payment option for parents to opt into. Parents were then more comfortable approaching the school if they cannot pay immediately. This is invaluable to any organisation but especially to a school who has to plan projects and initiatives well in advance. This option resulted in a steady monthly cashflow and improved relationships with the parents of the learners when it came to payments and collections within the school. 

Background & Solution

Marais Viljoen High School had to put in place a new payments and collection system so that parents would pay their school fees and other adhoc fees on time and in a secure manner in order to keep a steady cashflow. They required a solution that would alter the way they approach collecting school fees and create a channel for helping parents make timely payments. 
The DebiCheck product from Altron FinTech was useful in this situation. NuPay offered the NuPay Classic option, which is now DebiCheck, and it has been used for many years with great success. This solution is not only extremely safe because the end user (parent) authenticates every transaction, but it also gives the school the flexibility to load transactions according to the needs of the parents, such as on the day they get paid or for a specific date when payment arrangements have been made with the school.

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