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Empower your payouts with NuCash!

Discover a revolutionary solution that transforms the way you handle payout – NuCash. Say goodbye to the complexities of non-disbursement queries and the hassle of managing additional cards. With NuCash, our merchants can seamlessly disburse funds directly into their customers’ bank accounts, ensuring a swift and efficient transfer process. Experience the freedom of instant fund availability within minutes, allowing your customers to enjoy the benefits of their preferred banks or cards. NuCash is not just a solution; it’s a leap into the future of financial convenience.


Cashless environment – reducing risk and increasing safety

Funds are available within minutes in your customers’ account.

No additional card fees or expenses on card orders.

No cost for a physical card

Automatic and direct funding of the profile for disbursements from daily settlement. This means that we can automatically settle a percentage of your settlement into the disbursement account.

No more non-disbursement queries.

Can payout up to R50,000 per transaction.

Payout cash seamlessly. Ask Us How?